Every project begins with the roof inspection and assessment of Soffits, Fascia, Eavestroughs, Ventilation, Shingles, Chimney & Flashings and General Components. A detailed report will be provided outlining the areas of concern and a plan to remedy the problem area. In some cases a maintenance program will be recommended.

Roof Deck Repairs and Carpentry

  • Roof Deck repairs
  • Rafter repairs
  • Wood Fascia & Wood Soffit repairs
  • Insulated Base Systems
  • Pre-Assembled Nailable, Insulated & Ventilated Decks


Temporary Roofing Solutions

  • Provides time for better weather conditions & determine right solution
  • Fast and Affordable Leak Stop Repairs
  • Tarp Temporary Roofing
  • Roof Coatings
  • Leak Stop
  • Roof cements and sealants for sealing termination points


Roof Flashing Repairs

  • Provides expansion & contraction control measures for roof system, including plumbing stacks and roof protrusions
  • Provides protection from weather & UV rays
  • Accent roof design around chimneys, dormers, skylights and parapet walls
  • Directs water & snow away from vulnerable areas with drip edge/raked flashing and valley
  • Allows for the installation of skylight roof decks and solar panels


  Waterproofing Roofing Repairs

  • Provides secondary layer of defense by sealing around the penetrating nails
  • Provides protection from ice dams
  • Protects from leaks due to wind driven rains
  • Protects the most vulnerable areas like chimneys, plumbing stacks & other roof protrusions
  • Waterproofing Underlayment Roofing repairs or installation
  • Artic (Winter) Style Roofing Specification Repairs